Hiking and Cycling

Álora is not only known fort he famous walk on the Caminito del Rey

Discover the natural beauty of the region by yourself, walking through the dry river beds, along steep mountain paths between the olive and almond trees or though the small alleys of the village.

The tourism office has released a hiking and cycling guide with 6 hiking and 6 cycling routes in the beautiful Álora and surrounding. You can download the guide here:

Neighbouring municipality of Pizarra, at 10 km of Álora, has also mapped some nice hiking routes that are worth trying:

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These are the mapped hiking and cycling routes in Álora in short:


1. Canca

Route: circular
Points of view: roundabout of the Hondo creek, Fountain of Canca, roman thermal baths, limestone formations, citrus trees
Distance: 9,32 km
Duration: 2,30 hours

2. Canca familiar

Route: linear
Points of view: Fountain of Canca, thermal baths
Distance: max. 15 km one way
Duration: depending on the distance travelled

3. Escalera Árabe (Sierra de Huma)

Route: cirular
Points of view: Station of El Chorro, Arabic staircase, rock climber’s school, cortijos
Distance: 11,4 km
Duration: 3,50 hours

4. El Hacho

Route: circular
Points of view: Viewpoint Monte Hacho, cross of Monte Hacho, Pedro Sánchez fountain, Monastery De Flores, cross of Humillardero, Fountain of La Higuera
Distance: 14,658 km
Duration: 4 hours

5. Pedro de la Torre

Route: Circular
Points of view: the La Torre creek
Distance: 11,4 km
Duration: 3 hours

6. Sierra Aguas

Route: circular
Points of interest: house of Penón Caminero, ecological park, El Sapo mine, sapo well
Distance: 13,8 km
Duration: 3,30 hours

7. Arroyo Bujía (non mapped)

Walk through the dry riverbed and discover it by yourself

8. HemiRuta

is a project that was born from people close to a child diagnosed with HEMIPARESIA and arises from the need to make this neurological condition known.

This group of people like nature and embark on a journey towards making a route in Álora suitable for people with this condition.

After several months looking for a way to do it, they decide to take a local path and adapt it until they reach a natural viewpoint located on Mount Hacho, about 4km from the starting point.

Once the route has been completed in said viewpoint, you will have placed a large seat shaped like a mitten (symbol of Hemiparesis).


 Step 1: Location, creation, marking and mapping of a local path that will link the center of the urban nucleus of Álora with the point with coordinates 36º49’37.0 ”N / 4º43’18.2” W located on Mount Hacho.

Step 2: Design, elaboration and placement of a large seat in the shape of a mitten (symbol of Hemiparesis) with a panoramic view of the town at the point mentioned above.

Step 3: Creation and placement of information panels on Hemiparesis along the route and in the same place of implantation of the seat.


1. Canca principiante

Route: circular
Points of interest: roundabout of the Hondo creek, Canca fountain, Roman thermal baths, Flores monastery
Distance: 25,8 km
Distance: 1,40 hours

2. El Chorro

Route: circular with linear beginning
Points of interest: Guadalhorce River, la Piedras creek, viaducto del Avo, Los Castillejos, Haza del Río, El Chorro, substation Tajo de la encantada
Distance: 33,7 km
Duration: 3 hours

3. Monterroso

Route: circular
Points of interest: Calderón mill, Fuenteamarga near, cortijo Cherino, Montreroso near, Jevar River and creek
Distance: 40,9 km
Duration: 3 hours

4. Santi Petri

Route: circular
Points of interest: Calderón mill, Amarga fountain near, cortijo Cherino, Santi Petri point, hermitage of the three crosses
Distance: 41,374 km
Duration: 3 hours

5. Sierra Aguas

Route: circular
Points of interest: Canca fountain, Sierra Aguas ecological park, geodetic point Sierra Aguas, Ojo Por Ciento Fountain, Avioneta fountain
Distance: 54,2 km
Duration: 3,50 hours

6. Valle de Abdalajís

Route: circular
Points of interest: hermitage road of the 3 crosses, Ancón area, Las Piedras neighborhood, viaduct de Ave
Distance: 43,2 km
Duration: 3,30 hours

These are the mapped hiking routes in Pizarra in short:

Hiking trail SL-213

Route SL-213 passes by the Sierra de Gibralmora from which currency most of the Valley of the Guadalhorce and the Sierra de las Nieves and towns like Alora, Casarabonela, Zalea, Cerralba, Gibralgalia, Guaro or Coín, among others. It consists of three trails that connect the various villages of the town connecting Pizarra with Cerralba, Cerralba with Zalea and El Santo.

1. Pizarra-Ceralba

Route: linear
Distance: 2,9 km
Duratation: 45 minutes

2. Cerralba-Zalea

Route: linear
Distance: 4 km
Duration: 1 hour

3. El Santo

Route: linear
Distance: 5,86 km
Duration: 2,45 hours

Hiking trial PR-A 118, contrastes y azahar

This is a hiking trail recently approved by the Junta de Andalucía that widely covers our municipality. Its name “Contrasts and Azahar” is given by the stark contrast of vegetation, crops, topography and even architecture existing between the various rural games by running through it. Thus, in orchards near the river we find the lush greenery of orange or lemon and e can still see the traditional garden house with his cascarero (architecural relic or the orchards of the valley). In dry lands, carob and almond trees abound with typical farmhouses.
Route, small circular path, having a total length of 52 km., Being divided into four sections. It is duly marked with various indicative and informative panels along it.
Route: circular
Distance: 52 km

First section:
Distance: 10 km

Second section
Distance: 11 km

Third section
Distance: 10 km

Fourth section
Distance: 21 km

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